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デヴィッド・ウィルソン icenetworkのインタビュー

とりあえずヨナのFSに関してはウィルソン振付で、ほぼ出来上がっているみたいですね。ヨナのSPについて触れていないのが気になりますが…ウィルソン振付では無いということなのかな? どうなんでしょう。

The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew - August 23
Rippon ready for season to start after summer break
By Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, special to

We're going to try and interview some choreographers in the coming months, and for this edition of our blog we gave David Wilson a call. First of all, for whom did he choreograph in the coming season?

"I did a new long program for Brian Joubert, which I did with Shae-Lynn Bourne," Wilson told us. "I did a new long program, also with Shae-Lynn, for Kiira Korpi. It was the first time I worked with both her and Brian. I did a new long for Jeremy Abbott, and I did a new long for [Qing] Pang and [Jian] Tong, and a new short and long for Adam Rippon with Sébastien Britten, and I did a new short and long for Cynthia Phaneuf, one of my longstanding clients. And I'm just doing a long program, almost done, for Yu-Na Kim. And Min-Jeong Kwak, a new short and long for her."

Since Wilson has worked with several skaters for many years, we were very curious to know what the process is like in developing a unique style for each skater.

"I think of it in terms of trying to develop a range of what they can do, of colors that they can portray, of styles that they can embody," he said. "I don't think of it as trying to develop a signature style. With Yu-Na, the first couple of years I considered developmental because she was so accomplished as a skater already. I saw my role as being to open her up and enable her to express a little bit more with her face. She was so young, and she was a very shy person. She was always a very pretty, lyrical skater, but I wanted her to open up and let the music show through her movements more, a more human side of it. In those first couple of years we were also developing a rapport. Had we not done that, 'Dance Macabre' and 'Sheherezade' would never have happened, and certainly not the Bond girl!"


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