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All That Skate LA に関する英語記事


Yuna Kim's LA Ice Show
by:Jesse Helms

and South Korea looks tall in the international rank by virtue of a single skater, the reigning queen of ice, whose athletic superiority and artistic versatility tops any skaters ever lived in the figure skating history.

Kim's Meditation De Thais, greatly applauded since its debut in the Olympics, showed her ever evolving edge in her masterful musical interpretation, which's embedded in her seamlessness— from arm swings to every turn of footwork even to the minutest twigs of finger.

Despite her popped triple salchow at the beginning of the program, which perhaps indicates a need of choreographic adjustment, Kim enabled to let her muse free of audible boundary and transform it into an illusory embodiment— a crystalline swan floating on the lake of allurement— hypnotizing the unsuspected spectators.

Like the breathtakingly exquisite "unforgettable Scheherazade" or the explosively powerful "immortal Dance de Macabre" that went down to the figure history, Meditation De Thais is another Kim's masterpiece by permeating her body line into the whole presentation to produce intangible lines of musical theme and its cognizant articulation.

Contrary to Kim's Gershwin in the 2010 Olympics, which's often referred to as Kim's ice persona— the quintessential grace— Kim's Bulletproof, which she had performed early this year, shed a light on this megastar's vast reservoir that never seems to run dry in alleviating the audience's insatiable desire for more.

Kim, Kwan come together for "All That Skate L.A."
Event marks Southern California homecoming for Kwan
By Lynn Rutherford, special to

The biggest difference between L.A. and Korea, Kim said, was that here, her daily routine draws relatively little notice.

"I get a lot of spotlight in Korea, and everybody recognizes me, so it's kind of a lot of pressure and uncomfortable sometimes," she said.

"Back home, I can feel they love my skating and shows, so I love to go to Korea, but I can't always be there. I'm sad about that in a way. But I love to skate at my new rink, with new skaters and new coaches. I wish I could go out more, but someday I will."

"This is the third time I've performed with Michelle, and the first time in the U.S., so I was very nervous," a relaxed and happy Kim said backstage.

"Michelle, she has always been my idol. The "Hero" [Mariah Carey] program, it's the second time we've done it together, so it felt emotional and comfortable. I really had a lot of fun tonight."

"Watching [Kim] the past couple of years, seeing her get more and more consistent, developing more passion in her skating...I think the Olympics was an exhibit of it all," Kwan, a two-time Olympic medalist, said.

"It was a statement that 'I am here to take command,' and she really did. With all of the pressure that she had, and being able to stand up and just do it, I was just blown away."

Show Skating Alive and Well in LA
Article by Elvin Walker

"I love to compete, but I also love to skate in shows," Kim admitted. "There is no pressure in an ice show, so it's just a lot of fun performing. "

"It's pretty incredible," Belbin confessed. "To have this kind of reaction in North America has been amazing. Thank God for Yuna for bringing this show to the States, and for having us be a part of it."

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All That Skate LA に関する韓国内報道+動画



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▽SBS『Good Morning』

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All That Skate LA SBS放送+動画,写真

▼韓国のファンサイトFeverSkatingのほうで、youtubeにアップされたATS LAの演技動画をまとめたもの。
Act 1:
Act 2:



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